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Questsboth player-given and dynamically generated, are intended to be a big part of Escape from Tarkov. There are currently quests in Escape from Tarkov. Some require you to pick stuff up for certain traders, while others require you to kill other operators or mark vehicles and specific places. Quests are the fastest way of gaining XP in Escape from Tarkov. Completing one will often reward you with thousands, if not tens of thousands of XP points. On top of the experience, quests reward you with:. Sign In. From Escape from Tarkov Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. On top of the experience, quests reward you with: Trader Reputation. By gaining trader reputation you unlock new trader loyalty levels. Each time you unlock a new loyalty level you will be able to purchase a large number of new items from that trader. Quest locked items. Some items can only be purchased from a trader after you complete their relevant quest. For example, after completing The Punisher - Part 4 you are then able to purchase 5. A variety of money and items. Some items are only able to be received as a quest reward, such as the Secure container Epsilon from The Punisher - Part 6. Image Guides [ edit edit source ]. Category : Quests. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View Edit Edit source History. This page was last edited on 9 Aprilat Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. Support Contact PRO. Find the bronze pocket watch Optional Find the key to the tank truck Hand over the bronze pocket watch to Prapor. Neutralize 15 Scavs on Woods. Find a secure case in the Tarcone Director's Office at the Customs terminal Leave the case in the Factory swing room, on 2nd floor of shop 3 Survive and exit Factory location. Find secure folder in a bunkhouse on Customs Optional Gain access to the closed room in the Factory offices Optional Find the bunkhouse key Hand over secure folder to Prapor Survive and exit Customs location. Find a letter on a messenger in the Factory Survive and exit Factory location Hand over the letter to Therapist.

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This page will contain various tips, tricks, and small guides that will help you while you play the game. If you feel like you have a good tip or trick, comment below or edit the wiki yourself! If you don't have your volume up when playing Escape from Tarkov, you will have a bad time playing the game. It is highly recommended that you utilize the highest volume setting as you can handle, as you will miss sounds made by other players and characters otherwise. Some of the traders will sell ComTac2 headsets, these will actually amplify the sounds that are difficult to hear and make it easier to detect noises in the game. It is highly recommended to use them if you have issues with the sound! You can unload magazines that contain ammunition you might want to use for a gun, which will end up giving you a stack of ammo and the empty magazine. This can be useful as the ammunition utilizes smaller space in your inventory and you can put a lot more onto one stack than just having a full magazine in your inventory. The reverse is actually very helpful, too! If you take a full stack of ammunition with you, it will be all the ammo you need for a full playthrough with very little space utilized! All you gotta do is unload the gun when you're empty and then drag and drop the ammo onto the magazine and it will fill up! You can actually use carry an extra magazine that's always filled up, and once you run out you can just switch it out in the menu, proceed to refill it, and by doing so you will reload pretty efficiently. Using the previous tip, you can actually split some different ammunition into smaller stacks, such asand then throw that onto an empty magazine. Then you can fill the rest up with regular ammunition, and once you use that gun and fire all the regular ammunition, you'll know that you're almost out of ammo and that you'll need to reload soon. Similar to how you can stack ammunition, you can stack all the money you find in one stack which will save you space. However, you can't stack different money types. An easy way to level Therapist is to buy a Lunchbox from Prapor and then sell it to Therapist. This will not be very costly and it will be an easy way to level her up. Skier and Peacekeeper are difficult to level up, so try to sell things to them first before trying to sell to anyone else. If you kill someone while playing PMC, if you insured the gear that you're wearing you can actually hide your gear by dropping it somewhere where people wouldn't be able to find it easily. Then, you can just wear whatever the person you killed had. This will insure you not only gain loot, but also keep the insured gear you had. Simply put, the MBSS backpack is cheap and easy to use but you aren't able to really store a lot of weapons inside of it. Other backpacks might be more expensive, such as the SCAV backpack, but it is worth it since you will be able to store more things including high level weapons like AKs and Shotguns. You can place items such as medical and consumable items into your pockets, and then proceed to drag them into the hotkey at the bottom of the screen so that you can use them easily. This is useful so that you don't have to keep opening up your menu to utilize bandages, med-kits, and other items.

Escape from Tarkov

Please enable the javascript to submit this form. We will never spam you. We will only notify you about major updates. Log in Create Account My Garage. My Garage. Share Tweet Share. Poll Which of these features would you most like to see added to Red Dead Online? Bounty Hunting PvP. Private Sessions. Selling Horses. Follow us. GTA Base. Tweets by GTABase. Remember Me. Log in. Clothes: Military Jacket. Weapons: Pump Action Shotgun. Clothes: Military Slouch Hat. Clothes: Midge from a folded ribbon. Weapons: Bolt Action Rifle. Clothes: Crossback Detail Suspenders. Weapons: Throwing Knife, Varmint Rifle. Horse accessories: Cholla Blanket. Clothes: Leather Gloves, Richfield Vest. Weapons: Schofield Revolver. Ability: Come back Stronger, Horseman. Clothes: Millwright Boots. Weapons: Bow. Horse accessories: Birch "Wide Belly" Horn. Horse accessories: Owanjila Blanket. Weapons: Repeating Shotgun. Weapons: Lancaster Repeater. Horse accessories: Horse Birch 'Dally' Horn. Weapons: Rolling Block Rifle. Ability: Peak Condition. Horse accessories: Dakota Saddle. Accessories: Fishing Rod, Live Worms. Weapons: Cleaver. Clothes: Straw Boater Hat.

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With each passing day the situation in the Norvinsk region grows more and more complicated. Incessant warfare in Tarkov has sparked massive panic; the local population has fled the city, but those who stayed are looking to improve their fortunes at the expense of others. Having accepted the new reality, savage Tarkov locals - "Scavs" flocked into well-armed gangs and started the redivision of the city. Nowadays, Tarkov is separated by unseen borders, controlled by different groups. Gain-greedy gunmen would go to any length to have their way, including the murder of civilians and direct confrontation with the two private military companies. The players will have to experience living in the skin of one of the mercenaries who survived the initial stage of the Tarkov conflict. Tarkov is sealed off by UN and Russian military, supply chains are cut, communication with operational command is lost, and in these conditions everyone has to make his own choices of what to do and how to get out of the chaos-ridden metropolis. The events of the Escape from Tarkov take place in the fictional Norvinsk's region Special Economic Zone that became a gateway between Russia and Europe. Preferential conditions for large international companies, however, have not only attracted law-abiding businesses, but corporations of dubious intent as well. In Tarkov, one of the largest cities of the region, a transatlantic corporation became the ground zero of a political scandal. Six months later, the political standoff escalated into an armed conflict involving UN peacekeepers, Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and two private military companies. The most active forces in the Norvinsk region are two private military companies, hired by the sides of the initial conflict. USEC, employed by the notorious Terra Group international corporation, vigorously engages in armed clashes, hindering the investigation of Terra Group activities, carried on by local authorities. Moreover, according to intelligence agencies, USEC provides armed cover to illegal work and research of the foreign companies, whereas BEAR, allegedly created on direct orders of the Russian government, is employed by the Norvinsk region officials to uncover any evidence of the Terra Group's illicit activities. To use our site, you may need to provide the information specified in the Security Policy, for example, Cookie files. By clicking the "Accept" button, you confirm that you have read and understood the Privacy Policy, fully and freely agreed to have your data collected and processed in the ways and for the purposes indicated in the Privacy Policy. Learn more. Escape From Tarkov. News All. We are pleased to present to you the patch 0. Show more. Show all. Tarkov city, Norvinsk region. Present time. Latest Media.

Escape From Tarkov: How to Unlock Jaeger

You are stuck in Escape from Tarkov and cant level further or you simply don't have time to level up your char let us help you. Try our Escape from Tarkov Power Leveling services, we can help you with your level, find good gear or we can simply level you to 5 that you can use flea market. To purchase EFT Leveling enter your level and desired level, you will see the price update. You can select additional options like gearing or trader service. After the Payment, we need 60min until a booster is ready but this can take up to 24h. You will get an email asking for your login information after the payment. If you need any help or information use our live chat located in the right corner or contact us via mail. Q: Are my items and account safe? Q: The items that drop during the levelling process do I keep them? Q: I don't have any money or gear can I still buy the levelling? Q: Can I select the maps that will be used in this service? Q: There are options for gear what is that? Q: If I select the gear option what assault gun will I get and can I change it to the sniper? Q: I see there are trader options too what is the requirements? Q: What is the Skill Leveling option? Q: What are the other benefits of having a PMC high level? Q: Are there any discount or coupon codes available? Q: I still have a question what is the best way to contact you? Your Cart. Escape from Tarkov Leveling. Available Options My Level. Desired Level. I want my old Booster. Escape from Tarkov Money. Escape from Tarkov Items. Escape from Tarkov Boosting. Escape from Tarkov Coaching. Escape from Tarkov Quests. Escape from Tarkov Hideout. Description Discounts Reviews You are stuck in Escape from Tarkov and cant level further or you simply don't have time to level up your char let us help you. If you select additional options like the gear you will have that too.


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